She Was Engaged in 2015

Back in the summer of 2015, Ali was ENGAGED to David Waldeck. Unfortunately, the couple never made it to the point of marriage as they broke up just before she filmed Bachelor in Paradise.

Source: Instagram

Her Regrettable Boob Job

No doubt Ali has a rockin' bod, but not all of her is natural. She recently commented on her breast augmentation stating that she got them done “for someone else” and that if she could go back in time- she would not have gone through with the surgery. She also stated that she “would only ever have plastic surgery again to get my breast implants removed. I do not like my boobs”.

Source: Now To Love

Cheating on Grant Kemp?

This past May Ali was accused of cheating on Grant Kemp from Bachelor in Paradise.

Ali's side of the story is that Grant tried to make her have a threesome with him and one of his mate's and she was NOT DOWN so she broke up with him and went home.

When word got out that they had broken up, Grant's side of the story was that Ali CHEATED ON HIM with his housemate Misha. A close friend was able to confirm this story, despite previous reports about Ali breaking up with him over a threesome.

Source: Network Ten