Are you sick and tired of emptying your pockets for diets that don’t work? Do you need to lose more than 20 pounds quickly and safely?

Every year, Australians spend more than $8 billion on diet and wellness products. We may try to eat healthy foods and go to the gym, but the reality is that 12 million of us are living sedentary lifestyles

If you’re thinking about following the popular keto meal plan, this article’s for you. We’ll give you recipe ideas and help you get started with sustainable weight loss.

What Is the Keto Diet?

If you’ve never heard of the keto diet plan, you should know that it’s more than just a passing fad.

The keto diet is a low-carb diet that allows you to eat small amounts of protein and large amounts of fat. It’s meant to be a short-term diet that accelerates your weight loss. 

For those of us who struggle with removing cheese and dairy from our diets, the keto diet sounds ideal. Yes, you really get to eat cheese! 

It may sound strange that you have to eat fat to burn fat, but eating low levels of carbohydrates kicks your body’s metabolism into gear. Instead of burning muscle, your body starts burning fat. 

Typically, you’ll stay on the keto diet for a month, then continue with a diet that allows you to eat more carbs. 

Low-Carb Rice Alternatives

The keto diet meal plan allows you to eat 25% protein, 5% carbs, and 70% fats. The fats we’re talking about are all healthy fats like avocado, fish, and eggs. 

The proteins are lean meats like chicken, turkey, and fish. You can also use tofu if you prefer.

So what kinds of carbs can you have on the keto diet?

One cup of cooked rice has 45 g of carbohydrates, about double what you’re aiming for each day. You can cut that down to half a cup, and you can go with whole grains like quinoa and barley. 

There are some fun rice alternatives that you can do at home. Zoodles, or zucchini noodles, are a great way to get your veggies and lower your carb intake. 

You can either cut the zucchini into strips using a knife or you can use an at-home spiraliser. Spiral cuts are also great for carrots and eggplants. 

Another great low-carb alternative is cauliflower rice. All you have to do is cook your cauliflower and run it through a ricer. It tastes similar to rice but is much lighter and easier to digest. 

Cooking Without Oil and Butter

The keto diet has long been used to reduce seizures in children with epilepsy. It’s also being studied as a heart-healthy diet and as a standard of care for diabetes. 

If you’re following the keto diet menu, you’ll have to make some changes to the way you cook. Oil and butter in small amounts are fine, but you will have to monitor your fat intake. 

One easy way to cook without oil and butter is to use an air fryer. These handy gadgets allow you to get crisp french fries, for example, without having to use any oil. 

Even one tablespoon of olive oil, for example, has 120 calories. You might think that you’re cooking healthy but you’re accidentally sabotaging your diet. 

If you love the taste of olive oil, you might want to get an aerosol canister. You can fill it with oil and spray it onto your cooking pans. That way, you get the taste without all of the calories.

Fun Keto Dessert Options

If you’re thinking about following the ketogenic diet menu, it’s important to plan ahead. There are phone apps that will help you measure your carb intake and make sure that you’re not eating too much fat or protein. 

But what’s the fun of a diet if you don’t get to eat some of your favourite foods? When you make your first keto diet weekly meal plan, try to add in some desserts. 

One great option for a keto-friendly dessert is a microwaved chocolate brownie in a mug. You’ll be using almond flour, which only has 24 g of carbs per cup.

You can use almond flour in low-carb pancakes, cookies, and smoothies. 

Speaking of fun things to eat and drink, did you know that you can drink coffee on the keto diet? There’s a recipe floating around for “bulletproof coffee,” and it’s a little bit unusual.  

Recipes for bulletproof coffee do vary, but in general, you’ll be adding small amounts of unsalted, grass-fed butter to your drink. The recipe also calls for a teaspoon of monk fruit sweetener instead of sugar. 

Kick Your Hydration Up a Notch

In general, effective dieting depends upon staying hydrated. Drinking enough water and following the keto meal plan will help your body enter ketosis, a state where it’s burning fat instead of muscle. 

If you’re not really a water drinker, you can always add lemon or lime juice for extra electrolytes. Cucumber and mint also add tremendous flavour to water. 

Try to stick to the gold standard for water intake: eight cups or more per day. Just look at water as being an essential part of a keto diet

And remember, before you start any diet, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor.

Get Started on a Keto Meal Plan

After you decide to follow the keto meal plan, check the internet for more great recipe ideas. You may have to do more meal planning on this diet, but its precision is designed to produce lasting results. 

You should initially do the keto diet for 30 days. After the first 30 days are over, you can start to have 50 g of carbs per day.

By this point, your body will have shifted over to burning fat and you can safely up your intake of carbohydrates.

Keep your focus on including fruits and vegetables in your diet. If you make a mistake and stray from your meal plan, just get back into it as soon as possible. 

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